Single-serve sachets

Formato caffèFormato Deca

Packaged in a modified atmosphere.

Single-serve sachets made of paper/aluminium/polythene laminated foil – download technical sheet 

Packaged in 72 packs, total net weight 0.500 kg

Net weight per sachet: 7.00 gr. of coffee

Our method of packaging involves producing sachets of coffee for third-party brands using foil printed in-house, thereby avoiding the cost of ordering large quantities of printed material. Based on the simple printing of a logo, the print layout is done by our own graphic studio and submitted to the client for approval.

With this system, there are no consumption requirements for the client, who does not have to pay upfront for the cost of printing material, as normally happens.

Designs can also be modified at any time, for the cost of a new layout.

The sachets can be filled with:

  • – Coffee
  • – Decaffeinated coffee
Bustine caffè decaffeinato