Selection and blending

Information on coffee suppliers, country of origin, transport
Blends used

We carefully select the plantations from which our coffee is produced. The excellence of the raw materials and the proper conservation of the coffee beans, from transport to delivery, enable us to process the raw green coffee without compromising on quality.
We import coffees of different origins to create our blends. In this way, we are able to combine the various aromatic notes of the coffees in a harmonious way, to give body to the coffee and to regulate proportions of sweet and bitter. Our recipes are the result of long experience, based on a thorough knowledge of coffee and they make us reliable partners, thanks to the excellent quality of our product.


Type of roasting, description of the process

It is the roasting that brings out all the qualities of our selections of coffees, in terms of aroma, flavour and intensity. The coffee is transformed in ovens that reach 200 degrees C. Within a short time, the green coffee beans become brown and crumbly, losing about 20% of their weight and acquiring about 60% of their volume. The final taste and colour depend on the degree of roasting we give to our coffees. These are choices that depend on the various types of coffees used to make up the final blend. The roasting cycle ends with the beans being cooled rapidly, using a type of air cooling that protects the coffee from all traces of humidity and maintains optimum aroma.

Packaging and Processing

This is the fundamental operation that not only enables the coffee to last a long time, but also to maintain its organoleptic qualities. The old packaging in vacuum packs risked punctures that brought the coffee grounds into contact with the air, with danger of spoiling the aromas. We have chosen, to protect our blends, a modified atmosphere packaging system. Our blends of coffee grains and the same blends of freshly ground coffee are packaged in bags of PET/AL/PE laminated foil. The same material is used to make the roll for packaging E.S.E. pods and FAP capsules. The single-serve FAP capsules are packaged separately with a layer of filter paper under a perforated film, in bags (PET/AL/PE laminated foil). The E.S.E. pods are measured out during production between two layers of beige (unbleached) filter paper and at the packaging phase are sealed in laminated bags.

Third-party manufacturing

Cappellini Caffè specialises in packaging coffees on behalf of third parties. We offer a wide variety of options, with interesting opportunities for manufacturers and distributors, whether they want a partial or a full service. Commissioning third-party processing has the great advantage of achieving a flexible business policy, enabling you to keep your own brand without having to bear fixed costs of equipment and allowing you to avoid the expense of machinery maintenance and personnel management. Our equipment enables us to package coffee on behalf of third parties with extreme precision, without disrupting our production line.

Cappellini Caffè specialises in packaging coffee on behalf of third parties in the form of pods, in capsules, in single-serve sachets and whole beans, but is also available for bespoke sales of coffee. Currently we can offer a wide variety of blends, divided among various types of coffees and infusions. Among these, you can choose from coffee, decaf coffee, barley coffee, tea and herbal infusions.

The services offered are customisable, to satisfy the requirements of roasters, managers, resellers and distributors, as well as to meet the requests of companies who require customised coffee for some special occasion. Now businesses that have never specialised in coffee roasting have the possibility of having coffee packaged for them under their own brand, even in small quantities. We process coffees on behalf of third parties using both blends of coffee supplied by the client and our own blends directly roasted in our own premises.

Our blends of coffee can be produced and packaged in any format: pods, capsules, single-serve sachets and whole beans. Cappellini Caffè, on request, can manage all phases of the process: from studies and consulting to develop a logo to the logo’s graphic design, through to the production of all materials that are an integral part of the coffee product, such as packaging and packing for shipment.

Processing and packaging on behalf of third-parties is a considerable help to small and medium-sized companies who need a personalised product, even in small quantities, and with maximum flexibility.

The art of personalizing your coffee
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The art of personalizing your coffee

Sede cappellini caffè

Cappellini S.n.c. began its many years of business by importing coffee and spices directly.
Ahead of its times, at the start of the Sixties it was the first company to produce single-serve sachets of decaffeinated coffee using a completely manual work process.
Since those far-off times, the company has become increasingly industrial. Through production, at first, of barley pods, then of paper pods and capsules, Cappellini S.n.c. was making choices that would lead to exclusively focussing on processing on behalf of third parties. Cappellini S.n.c. is a considerable help to small and medium-sized companies who need a personalised product, even in small quantities, and with maximum flexibility.
Cappellini S.n.c., on request, can manage all phases of the process, from graphic design of the packaging to packing for shipment.

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