Capsules – Nespresso* compatible format

Formato caffèFormato DecaFormato OrzoFormato Solubili

Single-serve capsules, separately packaged, with a layer of aluminium, in bags (PET/AL/PE laminated foil), in a modified atmosphere with coffee supplied by the client or our blends of coffee.These can be produced with carton and film supplied by the client.

Available in:

The carton used is printed with all statutory information and is customised with a coloured sticker, created by us, bearing the client logo.

Available in version:

  • generic “CAPS” brand
  • customised client logo on a neutral or colored bag
customised client logo


  • – Coffee
  • – Decaffeinated coffee

Wide range of films and colorful prints
caffe caffe caffe

* “The trademark Nespresso® is not owned by Cappellini S.n.c. nor of companies connected to it”.