The art of personalizing your coffee

Cappellini S.n.c. began its many years of business by importing coffee and spices directly.
Ahead of its times, at the start of the Sixties it was the first company to produce single-serve sachets of decaffeinated coffee using a completely manual work process. Since those far-off times, the company has become increasingly industrial. Through production, at first, of barley pods, then of paper pods and capsules, Cappellini S.n.c. was making choices that would lead to exclusively focussing on processing on behalf of third parties. Cappellini S.n.c. is a considerable help to small and medium-sized companies who need a personalised product, even in small quantities, and with maximum flexibility. Cappellini S.n.c., on request, can manage all phases of the process, from graphic design of the packaging to packing for shipment.

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